Maui Soap Co. was built on the tropical beaches of Maui, by husband and wife with a dream to reinvent the old-fashioned bar soap by improving its formula using skin loving Hawaiian botanicals.

A portion of all sales are donated to wildlife conservation charities as a way to protect the animals we love. When you purchase a product from Maui Soap Co, you not only get a beautiful handcrafted soap but also help us in our mission as a portion of every sale goes to a worthwhile environmental charity.

Hawaii makes up less than 0.2% of U.S. land, but over 25% of species found on the nation’s endangered species list are endemic to Hawaii  




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Hawaii Marine Animal Response (HMAR) is the largest Hawaii-based nonprofit marine species conservation and response organization.

Their mission is to undertake substantial actions that result in the preservation, recovery and stewardship of Hawaii’s protected marine species and the vitally important ocean ecosystem we share.

Hawaii Marine Animal Response (HMAR) is the largest Hawaii-based nonprofit marine species conservation and response organization. They work on the islands of Oahu and Molokai with our team of dedicated volunteers, interns and staff that are supported by private donations, corporate funding and government grants. They strive to achieve our mission through activity every day of the year that impacts our key objectives: (1) growing active and engaged community support, (2) managing and increasing protected species populations, and (3) saving animals that need help. Thousands of times each year, their outreach, field response, interventions, rescue and stranding support activities help us move towards our vision of Hawaii’s ocean ecosystem shared in sustainable harmony by humans and protected marine animals such as Hawaiian monk seals, sea turtles and seabirds.

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The Auwahi Forest Restoration Project (Auwahi) originated in 1997 as a grass roots, community-based effort in working in collaboration with `Ulupalakua Ranch to save tracts of highly endangered dry forest at Auwahi as biological and cultural sanctuaries. Based on ecological success and community support, the Ranch committed progressively larger tracts towards forest restoration and preservation. Since inception, the Auwahi project has restored forest primarily with the efforts of supervised volunteers from the community. As time proceeded, we have developed a large group of volunteers that are passionate, informed, and with strong sense of ‘aloha ‘aina (love of land) for Hawaiian places, forests and culture.

The Auwahi project has been in operation for 19 years and is now widely regarded as one of the most successful examples of community-based native forest restoration in the islands. Volunteers, and most who visit the forest, are left moved by the experience of being in a native forest, participating in its protection, and planting seedlings of native Hawaiian trees that will likely live for hundreds of years, perpetuating this forest sanctuary for decades to come.

The Auwahi Forest Restoration Project now serves a broad range of the Maui community, including school students, canoe paddlers, educators, ranchers, policy makers, scientists, artists and photographers. This community involvement is accomplished primarily through our monthly tree planting trips, conducted in remote mountain settings, but also through educational and outreach efforts.  


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The Hawai‘i Wildlife Center is a state- and region-wide wildlife response and conservation organization. Our programs include disaster response and responder training, contingency planning, research and hands-on wildlife rehabilitation at our wildlife hospital in Kapa‘au, on Hawai‘i Island. 

The vision of the Hawai‘i Wildlife Center is a world where native species recover and thrive through comprehensive conservation strategies and partnerships. 

The Hawai’i Wildlife Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of protecting, conserving, and aiding in the recovery of Hawai’i’s native wildlife through hands-on treatment, research, training, science education and cultural programs. Visit their website to find out how you can volunteer.

Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project

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Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project (MFBRP) is driven by science and dedicated to the conservation of Hawaiʻi’s native forest ecosystems. Formed in 1997, their mission is to develop and implement techniques that recover Maui’s endangered forest birds and to restore their habitats through research, development, and application of conservation techniques.

The Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project employ conventional mist-netting, banding, and survey techniques to monitor wild forest bird populations; study breeding success in the wild and monitor bird food resources and prevalence of avian diseases; develop and apply novel recovery initiatives for species of concern; aim to effectively manage and reduce the impact of non-native invasive species; and conduct research to investigate the effectiveness of control methods and formulate this knowledge into long-term management strategies. Visit their website to find out how you can volunteer.

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